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По материалам УМК Click on Russia 3, авторы В. Эванс, О. Афанасьева, И. Твердохлебова, издательство ExpressPublishing. CenterCom, 2004
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Тема: Чтение
Сложность: Задание средней сложности

Прочитайте текст и подберите к нему подходящий заголовок из четырех предложенных.

If you are tired of the city and you are looking for an exciting holiday in striking, mixed scenery – come to Kamchatka. It’s a country that is still being born with 29 active volcanoes out of a total of 160. The volcanoes are part of the great scenery and are responsible for the numerous thermal pools in the area. Also part of the scenery are steaming geysers, mountains, tundra, forests and rugged coastline. Kamchatka is a wonderland not to be missed!

1) A trip to Kamchatka.

2) Geographical features of Kamchatka.

3) Special attractions for tourists.

4) A region of wildlife.

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