SPbGASU student took part in the first All-Russian Youth Anti-Corruption Forum

SPbGASU student took part in the first All-Russian Youth Anti-Corruption Forum

On March 12-15, Kazan hosted the First All-Russian Youth Anti-Corruption Forum “PROCorruption PROsto”. More than a hundred activists of youth organizations implementing anti-corruption projects, as well as members of youth governments from 75 Russian regions and representatives of state, public and scientific organizations got together at its site.

Иностранный студент петербургского ГАСУ

Antonia Angelova

✔ The event, which will now be held on regular basis, is designed to become a platform for discussing anti-corruption issues. The forum united the efforts of youth councils affiliated with executive authorities.

The forum organizers selected the best youth anti-corruption projects, the authors of which were invited to Kazan. SPbGASU was represented by the project of a member of the university Council of Foreign Students, a 5th-year student of the “Architecture” area of training Antonia Angelova.

Within the framework of the project, it was proposed to create a system of cooperation between students and administrations at Russian universities, to jointly enhance knowledge and skills on combating corruption. As an example of such work, the members of the SPbGASU Council of Foreign Students have already held a number of lectures and master classes on anti-corruption topics at their university. In the future, monthly meetings, round tables and open lectures are planned, where activists will interact not only with students, but also with members of the university officials authorized to combat corruption. In addition, communication will be established in this area between students and the administration. It is proposed to extend this experience to other higher education institutions.

“The forum is an efficient platform for cooperation with the youth governments of Russia. Corruption impedes development and economic growth. We, as representatives of youth structures, can form a negative attitude towards it. At such events, the best practices in the fight against corruption are presented; it is very useful to get to know about them,” said Antonia Angelova.

Text: Anastasia Blinova

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