The 1st Go Championship took place at SPbGASU

The 1st Go Championship took place at SPbGASU

On June 1, 2019, the 1st SPbGASU Go Championship took place. The goals of the championship were to increase the popularity of Go among students of SPbGASU and to select the best players for the assembled team of the university to take part in national and international student competitions.

Winners of the First Go Championship at SPbGASU

The tournament was held in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Sports of Russia. Technical support for the championship was provided at a high level: the game was played on certified sports kits. The main judge of the competition was the frequent winner and prize winner of the championships of St. Petersburg, Russia and major international competitions, master of sports, referee of the first category and the coach of the club Stepan Trubitsin.

The tournament consisted of three rounds. Until the end of the last game of the third round, it was virtually impossible to predict its results. Each of the participants applying for membership in the team demonstrated a high level of Go and a striking game.

The winner of the tournament was a Master’s degree student Yuri Zgoda. Grigory Vornikov, a student of the group 2-A-1, received a silver medal. The third was Kirill Bodrunov, a student of the PMH-4 group. The fourth member of the team was a student of the PMIM-1 group Omar Shakshak. It is also worth noting the results shown by Nikita Obraztsov (NTTK-4) and Georgy Vasyukov (6-P-2), which were able to compete on equal with the winners.

Holding such an important tournament in their university was a great support for the players. It was the final event crowning classes at the Go club in this academic year. We are extremely grateful to the university administration for the great invaluable assistance to our club, without which the development of Go at SPbGASU and holding of this tournament would’ve not been possible.

Go is gaining increasing popularity among young people. We hope that the event will attract more students who will become fascinated by this amazing game!

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Text: Yury Zgoda

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