«Language and culture create bridges between people»

«Language and culture create bridges between people»

On June 3, 2019, 75 scholars and specialists in the field of Russian and Romano-Germanic philology, methods of teaching foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language, pedagogy and philosophy from 25 universities of the world got together in one of the oldest technical universities in Russia to exchange experience and discuss topical working questions.

International Conference on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching: "From Traditional to Innovative"

Welcoming the participants of the fourth International Conference on Foreign Languages Learning and Teaching “From Traditional to Innovative" on behalf of the SPbGASU Rector Eugeny I Rybnov, First Vice-Rector Irina R. Lugovskaya pointed out the timeliness of the event: “We all are fans of BIM. All builders and designers know this abbreviation. In the near future, the entire construction industry should switch to BIM technology. And almost the entire vocabulary in this area is one way or another linked to foreign languages.”

One of the criteria of effectiveness of university activities is its international activity, which comprises the training of foreign students at the Russian Language Department, visits of foreign lecturers and teachers, cooperation in the scientific and technical spheres. And the essential condition for international cooperation is mutual understanding, communication in the language that both teachers and students know

Irina V. Ishchenko,
Director of the SPbGASU International Linguistic Center

The conference agenda includes a plenary session, work in sections, discussions and master classes. Participants will offer their options how to better teach foreign language at non-linguistic departments of the University.

According to the professor of the University of Bergamo, Chair of the Association of Italian Russianists Maria Chiara Pezenti, general knowledge of the language and knowledge of special vocabulary are very important.

However, language proficiency is, above all, the ability to communicate. “Language and culture create bridges between people,” said Maria Chiara Pezenti.

The conference will continue on June 4, 2019.

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Text: Tatyana Petrova

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