SPSUACE team performed successfully on the rally

On 11th March, 2017 an amateur rally "Tosno-2017" took place in the territory of Tosno and Kirov areas of Leningrad region. Autoclub team of SPSUACE under the direction of V.V. Serbin won several awards.

In a category "Lady" 1st place was rewarded to a crew of Marina Roganova a graduate of SPSUACE and a student of SPSUACE Elizaveta Savko. In a category "Beginner" 2nd place was occupied by Andrey Efremov and Nikita Ivanov. In a category "Student" first two places were awarded to drivers Vladislav Mahotin and Andrey Efremov,and navigators Elizaveta Savko and Vladimir Solomko.

According to the results of the rally Autoclub team of SPSUACE won a honorable 2nd place.

It is necessary to mention achievements of one more race driver from SPSUACE - Stepan Demjanchuk. In January, 2017 Stepan won 2nd place in the rally «Kareliya - 2017» and 2nd place in the second stage of the St.-Petersburg Cup on a track auto racing. The next month he also was lucky to win 3rd place in the third stage of the St.-Petersburg Cup on a track auto racing and 2nd place in the first stage of the St.-Petersburg Championship on auto all-round.

We wish our race drivers new victories!

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