«To admire world around»

On 6th March, 2017 an exhibition of creative works by Dmitry Nikolaevich Geveyler, a teacher of the Small architectural faculty opened at the St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering.

Organizers of the exhibition became the chair of drawing and the department of the scientific literature of Main library of SPSUACE

«I am sincerely convinced that it is possible to draw something beautiful only from nature. Imitating the nature, the artist comes close to beauty. Painting is one form of communications, a form of dialogue when the artist presents his impressions. In my case painting is an attempt to admire world around, to tell about it. People look and understand that the world is beautiful … and start to admire common things», - the artist said at the exhibition opening.

D.N. Geveyler works in different genres. At the exhibition in SPSUACE there are presented still-lives, portraits, landscapes painted deeply emotionally and spectacularly. But the most favorite theme, as the artist thinks, is the image of a person, although it is also the most difficult theme.

D.N. Geveyler's pictures can be seen every half a year at exhibitions in the Union of artists, in Petersburg art galleries, and also in the Russian-German Center of meetings at Peterkirhe where the artist teaches children and adults – including novices in drawing.

The exhibition of D.N. Geveyler will last in the Main library till 6th April 2017.

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