Students of SPSUACE were given a lecture on genealogy

On 26th September, 2016 a lecture «Genealogical pedagogy as development of philosophy of education in Russia after 1993» was given at St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering. The lecture was read by D. Sc. in education, the professor of the International innovative university Igor Nikolaevich Izvekov.

This lecture was initiated by D.Sc. in economics, the professor of the chair of business economy and innovations of SPSUACE A.N.Asaul. «The genealogy studies a history of concrete people, a family. Without genealogical culture it is impossible to be a well-educated person», - Anatoly Nikolaevich is convinced.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation accepted in 1993 made genealogy accessible to all citizens. However, now the modern youth does not know, what to begin information searches with, and does not realize the importance of this knowledge. I.N.Izvekov underlined an urgency of formation of genealogical culture among youth and told the listeners about his scientific works.

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Партнёр: Санкт-Петербургский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет