SPbGASU against terrorism

SPbGASU against terrorism

How to deal with the ideology of terrorism in the educational sphere and the youth environment? The All-Russian Forum, held on September 23-24, 2019 in Moscow, was devoted to this critical topic.

SPbGASU was represented at the forum by Vice-Rector for Administrative and Legal Affairs Irina Belova, Vice-Rector for Youth Policy Irina Lapina and Associate Professor of the Department of History and Philosophy Sergey Kargapoltsev.

The Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov sent a welcome letter to the participants: “The issues discussed at the forum are relevant to and meet the challenges of the modern world, where foci of instability are still preserved in various parts of the world, mutual understanding and trust are diminished in international affairs, and confrontation is growing".

СПбГАСУ против терроризма

All-Russian Forum
“Countering the ideology of terrorism in the educational sphere and the youth environment”

The forum worked on five discussion platforms. Participants talked about the issues of spreading the ideas of terrorism and extremism among young people, as well as ways to counter them in the educational process; exchanged experiences on improving the system of training pedagogical and educational staff and the formation of a positive awareness on the Internet, and anti-terrorist practices.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee continues consistent work aimed at further development of the established national anti-terrorism system, which provides for the comprehensive implementation of measures to both combat terrorism and prevent it. Measures taken in the framework of the fight against terrorism will significantly reduce the number of terrorist attacks. To consolidate the results achieved in the framework of the fight against terrorism, we need systematic work to prevent the formation of terrorist consciousness among young people.

— Mikhail V. Kachalin,
first deputy head of department
apparatus of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee

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