SPbGASU and NOSTROY signed a cooperation agreement

SPbGASU and NOSTROY signed a cooperation agreement

The Sustainable Development Forum, which started its work in St. Petersburg on September 25, 2019, brought together representatives of state authorities, leaders of public organizations and initiative groups, prominent entrepreneurs and company leaders. One of the key events of this large-scale forum was the 10th All-Russian Conference “Russian Construction Complex: Everyday Practice and Legislation”. During the conference, SPbGASU and NOSTROY signed a cooperation agreement.


Evgeny I. Rybnov and Anton N. Glushkov

“Universities need to take into account trends of the time, accept challenges of the modern construction industry that requires competent financiers and HR. A new branch is under formation, i.e., construction marketing. We plan to cooperate with SPbGASU in various aspects; we are ready to support the innovative international SAFECON project. The idea is perfectly relevant; it is necessary to talk about it,” said Anton Glushkov, NOSTROY President, at the ceremony of signing the Cooperation Agreement.
SPbGASU and NOSTROY have been fruitfully cooperating for long while. Students and teachers of the university are regular participants at the events held under the auspices of NOSTROY. The agreement provides for the joint work on projects and curricula aiming at training market-demanded highly qualified specialists with a set of necessary competencies. The SAFECON project has a special place in the document because the creation at the SPbGASU site of the first in Russia safety park with interactive training modules will help to reduce injuries, lower social costs, ensure labor safety in the construction industry, which ultimately will lead to an increase in labor productivity.

“I hope that our joint activities will not be limited solely by the provisions of the Agreement,” said rector of SPbGASU Evgeniy I. Rybnov.

Tatyana Petrova

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