SPbGASU Wins at Zodchestvo 2018

On November 19-21, 26th International Festival of Architecture Zodchestvo 2018 was held in Moscow. The Department of Architectural Design debuted at such event. It participated in two categories of architectural project contests, Artworks by Architecture Students and Architecture Works 2016-2018.

Two projects by SPbGASU students were awarded with Diplomas of Russian Union of Architects:

  • Design of Kolpino by Master student Mikhail Lubetsky (supervised by Associate Professor Aleksandr Demin from the Department of Architectural Design);
  • 31 cities by a group of Bachelor students (Tatiana Volf, Egor Ivashin, Alena Dvornikova, Evgeny Balabanov, Alena Egorova, Ekaterina Kuznechikova, Dzhulieta Bobrova, Pavel Kartunov, Irina Makova) supervised by Associate Professors Aleksandr Demin and Svetlana Danilova from the Department of Architectural Design.

The lead organizer of student project groups was Svetlana Bochkareva, Head of the Department of Architectural Design.

The following works were also presented at the contest:

  • Reconstruction of Built-Up Areas from 1970-s Through the Example of Saint Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and Valday by Master student Artem Pertyakov supervised by Svetlana Bochkareva;
  • Reconstruction of Kupchinskie Vorota (Kupchino Gates – passage through buildings 23 and 72 on Bukharestskaya ulitsa) by Master students Lubov Karpenko supervised by Svetlana Danilova.

Completed project Sad Pamyati (Memory Garden) by Tatiana Volf and Ivan Pryazhennikov supervised by Aleksandr Demin and Svetlana Danilova was presented in the category Architecture Works 2016-2018.

Zodchestvo is a view contest of architecture and urban planning achievements all over Russia. The Festival is aimed to activate, develop and expand architecture and urban planning activity in Russia.

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