SPSUACE: solid growth in the rating of the best universities in Russia

On June 6, 2018 there was VI International Forum of the best universities of Russia in Moscow, where the results of the seventh annual rating of Russian universities, prepared by the RAEX rating agency (Expert RA), were announced.

The rating of universities is a tool for independent assessment of education quality. Assessment of universities is based on the analysis of statistical indicators of educational and research activities and the results of online surveys of reference groups: students, graduates, representatives of the academic and scientific communities, employers.

The ranking position of the universities includes three factors:

  1. Conditions for obtaining a high-quality education at university
  2. The level of demand for graduates of the university by employers
  3. The level of research activity of the university.

St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering has shown steady growth in the ranking over the previous 4 years. In 2018, SPSUACE improved its result and rose from 63rd to 59th place.

According to the "Conditions for qualitative education in higher education" indicator, there was an increase in 9 positions, according to the indicator "The level of demand for employers of university graduates" – by 4 positions, and by the level of scientific research activity of the university – by 2 positions.

The method of rating is regularly discussed and finalized. Thus, in 2018 the criteria used in the rating were combined with the indicators used by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, which simplified the collection and verification of data. There was a criterion "The number of victories of university students in international student Olympiads", the list of which was formed with the help of the expert and academic community and it currently includes 16 Olympiads.

Reputational criteria, approaches to which have been also changed, are of importance. Representatives of the reference group "Employers" from 2018 can vote only on an individual link. The address invitation to participate in the survey is given to employers who are actively cooperating with universities. In order to increase loyalty to the university, the Office of Education Quality Assessment and the Employment Promotion Service conducts systematic work with leading industry partners and graduates.

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