SPSUACE – among the winners of the All-Russian Competition of Comfortable Urban Environment Projects in Small Towns and Historical Settlements

On May 29, 2018 the results of the All-Russian competition of projects for a comfortable urban environment in small towns and historic settlements have become public. The concept of landscaping of the Smolyanoy Cape territory the "Necklace of Vyborg", made by an author's team led by the associate professors of the Department of Design of Architectural Environment S.B. Danilova and A.V. Demin, was included in the leader's top twenty winning projects. The students of SPSUACE A. Ladigan, A. Belyaev and D. Bobrova participated in the development of the project. 50 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of the first phase of the concept.

Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation V.R. Medinsky, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation N.N. Tsukanov, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services A. V. Chibis, Governor of the Moscow Region A.Yu. Vorobyov participated in the awarding ceremony in the Government of the Moscow Region. The contest was organized by the Ministry of Construction of Russia with the participation of the Strategic Development Agency CENTER”. About 450 applications, 198 papers were submitted to the final by the competitive commission; the 80 best of them received well-deserved awards and subsidies for making projects. The list of winners was made according to the results of the voting of experts and members of the Interdepartmental Working Group, members of the Federal Tender Committee, held within the third stage of the competition – full-time public protection of projects that took place on 26-27 May at the Russian Academy of Science. "This is the first competition that directly allows the launch of important processes for the transformation and development of small towns and historic settlements, while preserving their authenticity. It is these cities that reflect Russia itself, its face and spirit. The Ministry of Construction of Russia will support the municipalities, their initiatives and always pays attention to how people's opinions are taken into account while making projects. Historic cities have a great cultural and tourist potential. I hope that the work of the contestants will help to reveal it.”, The head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia V. V. Yakushev said.

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