The institute of telecommunications held a presentation for students of SPSUACE

On 22nd December, 2017 a Joint-Stock Company «Institute of telecommunications» held a presentation for students of III and IV courses of the St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering, who trained on a direction « Applied mathematics and computer science» .

The strengthening of relations between the Company «Institute of telecommunications» and SPSUACE in the field of professional training and employment of graduates was the meeting purpose. Organizers were the Company «Institute of telecommunications», licensing and accreditation department, service of assistance to employment and the department of information technology of SPSUACE.

The presentation was conducted by the expert of the Company «Institute of telecommunications» A.A.Petrov who told about activity of the company and possibilities of career growth of its employees. Students were invited to have industrial and predegree practice with high probability of subsequent employment.

The Company «Institute of telecommunications» - one of the leading research centers of St.-Petersburg. The company works in the field of creation of complex geoinformation decisions, telecommunication systems, pilotless flying machines, working out integrated control systems of territories, renders aerophotographic and certified services, a number of adjacent products (UAS, cards).

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