Representatives of SPSUACE discussed operation problems of high-rise buildings

On 16 – 17-th March, 2017 a scientific-practical conference «Modern operation of high-rise buildings» took place in Moscow. The organizer of the conference – a joint-stock company "Olympus", with support of the Administrative office of the mayor and the Government of Moscow.

Representatives of the St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering took part in the conference: the director of the project institute Vadim Evgenevich Uletenko, a senior lecturer of the chair of building materials’ technology and metrology Vadim Dmitrievich Staroverov, the chairman of the Student council, a student of group 3-SUZS-5 Vadim Igorevich Klyovan.

At the conference actual questions and tendencies connected with operation, power saving, safety, complex scheduling and automation of engineering systems of high-rise objects were discussed.

A special attention was attracted to normative and technical base of designing high-rise buildings, in particular, to base documents. The regulations on high-rise buildings 253.1325800.2016 and 267.1325800.2016 are being constituted during the current year, and a full complex of documents, allowing to minimize working out specifications, will be developed within two years. New requirements to designing of high-rise objects will allow to lower the probability of design errors and will provide practical performance of requirements «Technical regulations about safety of buildings and constructions». In 2017 FAE «FCS» is planning to work out regulations, which will minimize working out Special Technical Regulations: «Prevention of a progressing collapse of buildings and constructions. Designing rules»; «High-rise buildings and complexes. Requirements of fire safety»; «Dynamic influences on buildings and constructions. Designing rules», etc.

According to the speaker of the conference, the president of National association of researchers and designers Michael Mihaylovich Posokhin, the meeting helped to make decisions of serious questions facing professional community.

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