Students of SPSUACE are taking practice in ZAO “Leningrad trust of construction researches”

Within the limits of a contract between St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering and Leningrad trust of construction researches (Joint-Stock Company LenTiSiZ), students of the second year of training of the chair of geotechnics are having an industrial practice.

On the basis of Joint-Stock Company LenTiSiZ students get acquainted with modern chisel technics and technology of drilling, static and dynamic sounding, study process of carrying out prospecting works and ask skilled production workers questions. For what purpose chinks are bored, what difference of chinks on water and chinks for the engineering-geological researches, what chisel installations are used and for what purposes, how a core is selected, how to keep monoliths correctly - all these, and many other things, future experts are learning during the practice. The special attention is given to sounding process, as least cost-intensive in comparison with drilling. Directly on a ground there is a process of decoding sounding schedules and dividing a cut into layers.

Before the beginning of practice work all students take instruction in safety precautions.

Партнёр: Санкт-Петербургский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет