XII International conference «Organization and safety of traffic in big cities» started to work at SPSUACE

On 28th September, 2016 the XII International conference «Organization and safety of traffic in big cities» started to work at the St.-Petersburg state of university architecture and civil engineering. The responsible organizer of the conference – the Institute of traffic safety of SPSUACE.

The conference has a purpose to consolidate efforts of public authorities, research and educational organizations, industrial structures, public associations and mass media for innovation of preventive systems of road traffic accidents.

Annually1,3 million people are killed on roads, from 20 to 50 million are injured. More than half of them - people from 15 till 44 years old. Every year 400 thousand people younger than 20 years old die, which makes more than a thousand deaths a day - such statistical data was resulted at opening of the conference by president of Vigrig Inc, the full member of the International academy on safety of traffic, DBA, graduate of SPSUACE in 1972 Grigory Ginzburg. «Everything that occurs on the roads is a global problem, and we can solve it only together. We are in uneasy geopolitical conditions, but we can be proud of the fact that our specialty does not depend on politicians», -said G.Ginzburg.

The chief of Central administrative board on traffic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the lieutenant general of police Victor Ivanovich Nilov also addressed to participants of the conference. «The conference which is taking place in SPSUACE, has already become traditional. I wish you that everything that has been worked out, would be put into effect», - said V.I.Nilov.

The conference program provides a plenary session and work of four sections:

- Systems of organizing traffic and intellectual transport systems of big cities;

- Technologies of management and means of maintenance of road and ecological safety;

- Innovative technologies of road accident investigation and a subsystem of their maintenance;

- Technologies of reliability of constructive safety of transport and technological means in operation.

The conference will work till 30th September.

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