Annual exhibition of creative works of the teachers of architectural faculty of SPSUACE

The annual exhibition of creative works of the teachers of architectural faculty Yury Dmitrievich Brusnikin, Alexey Vjacheslavovich Mihalychev and Alexander Vasiljevich Silnov opened at St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering on 30th September, 2016.

Different in the stylistics, geographical position and style of performance, all these works have one interesting quality: they are made in a manual drawing, in traditions of "old school». It is a certain contradiction with modern works of the students using the computer drawing.

Meanwhile, the logic of education and training of the future architect is that the manual and computer drawing are inseparably linked in the course of training. According to the authors of the exhibition, only good school of realistic drawing gives a chance to the future architect to create a competent, aesthetically expressive image of the future construction.

In the exhibition works absolutely different techniques of architectural drawing are presented: a graphitic pencil, a water color, a sepia drawing, a pastel. In J.D.Brusnikin's works we can see a masterly used pencil in the image of monuments of ancient Russian architecture, in the drawings of A. V.Mihalychev images of the architecture of France are executed with ink and a feather. A. V.Silnov uses unique possibilities of sepia, water colors and pastels in the image of fine female images also presented in this exposition.

The exhibition will work from 30th September till 6th October, in a room 505-A of the architectural faculty of SPSUACE.

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