The problems of children's road traumatism were discussed in SPSUACE

On 29th September, 2016 a round table «Youth in a system of traffic safety» took place in SPSUACE. Students of SPSUACE and other high schools became its participants. A head speaker was a member of Youth board of St.-Petersburg, D.Sc. in engineering Nikolay Vladimirovich Podoprigora.

The round table was spent within the limits of XII International conference «Organization and safety of traffic in big cities» and was devoted to various aspects of a children's road traumatism. The target of the discussion was to draw attention to this actual for a modern society problem, to develop recommendations about its prevention.

Participants of the round table defined the reasons of the children's road traumatism: why exactly children first of all are endangered on roads, what provokes them to break behavior rules? As the reasons the students listed influence of herd mates, negative influence of social networks - in a so-called «epoch of selfie» extreme behavior is popular among children and youth. Use of phones and ear-phones dulls vigilance, distracts attention from surrounding conditions. We shouldn’t forget about a level of technical equipment of roads, about presence of the equipped children's playgrounds. If there is not a playground children will play in the street. But even if there is a children's playground, it can be occupied by numbers of the parked cars, and it is also a problem.

During the brisk discussion the students shared their personal observations and offered various ways to change this situation to the best.

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