Team of Saint Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering is a bronze prize holder of the Championship of Saint Petersburg higher education institutions in ski mountaineering and snowboard

On March 22-23, 2016 in Korobistyno village at the ski resort “Snezhniy” there took place the Championship of higher education institutions of Saint Petersburg in ski mountaineering and snowboard.

At the competition in ski mountaineering disciplines giant slalom and special slalom Saint Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering was represented by 4 young women and 7 young men. Leader of the women team became Zlata Potacheva (group 3-SUZS-4), who has great results both in studies and in sports (best in giant slalom in the team). In special slalom best result was achieved by Maria Kulagina (2-E-Z); Ksenia Shatro (group 6-P-3) and Natalia Kasatkina (group 3-TTP-2) also achieved great results.

The University was represented by young men:

1. Anton K. Soloviov, group 1-TE-4;

2. Alexander E. Belevtsev, group 3-SUZS-1;

3. Artem R. Balyaev, group 2- SUZS-2;

4. Dmitry E. Denisiuk, group 8-S-3;

5. Evgeny O. Bukas, group 2-DAS-3;

6. Vladislav I. Dubrovskiy. Group 1-М-1;

7. Vadim R. Malyshev, group 6-S-1.

Thanks to Anton Soloyov, who has been representing Saint Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering for the third year already. Thanks to first-year students who made a great contribution to the victory and their wish to represent the university’s team.

Mutual efforts of all members of the team helped to gain the third place, Congratulations on the great results!

Snowboard team consisted of:

1. Ekaterina V. Komarova, group 5-S-2;

2. Veornika V. Moskaleva, group TGV-4;

3. Maria G. Fet, group 1-RRAN-3;

4. Valeria P. Pronko, group 1-GR-2;

5. Elena S. Kataeva, group 13-S-1;

6. Svyatoslav V. Kolotov, 1st course PhD degree student;

7. Sergey A. Morozov, group 3-SUZS-4;

8. Konstantin V. Savitsky, group 4-S-2;

9. Alexander V. Abramov, group EE-3;

10. Alexander A. Sharapov, group 14-S-3;

11. Vladislav A. Sokolov, group 3-P-3;

12. Valery A. Mikhailov, group TGV-44

13. Pavel A. Karasevich, group EE-3;

14. Olga N. Arsenyeva, group 2-DAS-3;

15. Arseny G. Zorin, group PMI-4;

16. Daniil M. Kornilov, group EE-2;

17. Evgeny S. Konovalov, group SM-1.

Great performance of all team members, who showed their best, their mastership gave the team the fourth place.

It should be noted that Svyatoslav Kolotov showed best result among young men of the team and Vladislav Sokolov, who is also playing hockey as a member of the ice hockey team of Saint Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering.

Among young women the best result was achieved by Ekaterina Komarova.

The teams were trained by senior professors of the chair of physical training Tatyana Grineva and Natalya Lesheva.

Thanks to all team members for excellent performance and wishes of new success in sports and studies!

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