SPbGASU students were invited to XAMK University (Finland) to get their second degree

SPbGASU students were invited to XAMK University (Finland) to get their second degree

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, XAMK is a foreign partner of SPbGASU. On September 18, 2019, a representative of the Finnish university, Jari Hartikainen, addressed students of the SPbGASU Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Services with one more presentation on the double degree program.

Студенты петербургского ГАСУ 2019

Students of the FEE&MS at the presentation of the double-degree program

“We are not that far from you, just a few hundred kilometers away. It is easy to get from St. Petersburg to the city of Mikkeli by bus or by one of the trains, the Allegro high-speed train, for example,” with these words Jari Hartikainen began his speech.

The speaker talked about the organization of the educational process at the Finnish university, its special features, and the life in its four campuses.
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What is XAMK

Finland has 25 universities of applied sciences, and XAMK is one of the best in its country: it is one of the top five by such indicators as the degree of student satisfaction with the educational process, organization of training, and employment of graduates.

The university got its name for a good reason: education in it is applied by the gist and is focused on obtaining practical knowledge. An important factor is that it fully complies with European standards. Each year, about 600 new foreign students from more than 20 world countries come to the university. Four Bachelor’s degree and four Master’s degree programs are taught in English. Every year, about 900 professionals in various fields of activity graduate from the university.

Text: Tatyana Petrova
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