SPbGASU Researcher: ‘Cars with Quantum Engines Are the Future’

A scientist from SPbGASU studies future application and possible advantages of cars with a quantum engine. The results of the research by Yury Kotikov, Professor of the Faculty of Automobile and Road Building, were published in Architecture and Engineering Journal (Volume 3 Issue 1).

In his article Professor Kotikov underpins his findings by the research ideas made by Einstein, Parker, Davies, Puthoff and Leonov concerning drawing energy from the world's vacuum. He states that ‘realization of this phenomenon will result in a new technological paradigm involving the transport sector’. Professor Kotikov thinks that quantum engines ‘will likely replace internal combustion and jet engines in future’.

Professor Kotikov suggests that design features of cars with quantum engines are going to differ immensely from those of conventional cars. Among the differences would be a change in cars’ bodies. There would be no need in main power drives which could result in automatic energy recovery and producing almost no noise and vibration. Even a possible transition to a so-called ‘auto-avia-craft’ (in other words, to flying cars) could happen eventually. The changes consequently would affect the road construction industry.

Full paper is available at the link.

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