Lecture of the Dutch architect Branimir Medich in SPSUACE

On15th December, 2017 a lecture «Problems of modern architecture in a context of city megastructures» took place at the St.-Petersburg state university of architecture and civil engineering. The lecture was read by Branimir Medich - the known Dutch architect, the head of an architectural bureau Cie.

«We would like to be well informed about world architectural tendencies. And we are glad to receive lecturers and experts from foreign countries», - the dean of architectural faculty of SPSUACE Feodor Perov underlined in his speech at the beginning of the meeting.

Listeners of the lecture learnt about the Dutch culture in the field of a lay-out of buildings and about main principles of successful town-planning. The term "megastructure" has been used in architecture since 1960s as the concept of uniform structures and buildings including the whole cities which develop by addition of new modules (units). The city is the megastructure which cells change depending on economic and technological development. Today the city environment is characterized by constructing more and more large buildings and designs, which creates the contradiction between emotional inquiry of townspeople and requirements of economy. Architects and designers are facing a problem of searching new models of environment organization. It is necessary to preserve balance between a global problem of cities’ growth and unique requirements of individuals.

At the end of the lecture B.Medich answered listeners’ questions.

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